What Is Terms SEO In Digital Marketing?

SEO means search engine optimization. It is an online strategy which can hike the quality and quantity of traffic to the website through the organic search engine results.

Which terms goes into SEO?

Traffic: There are various types of traffic such that organic traffic, social traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic and paid traffic. Let’s discuss one by one.

Organic traffic: when visitors in the world are coming to the Website by searching on renowned search engine like Google bing, this is called organic traffic. Organic traffic have quality and quantity parameters. When you are searching for Apple mobile and you got apple fruit where grocery store is selling apple. It is not real quality traffic because visitors interest is on the Apple Mobile not apple fruit. So quality traffic play vital role in SEO. Another traffic is quantity traffic. When right people clicking from search engines results page, it will boost total organic traffic.

Social Traffic: when you are posting content to many social networking websites like facebook instragram twitter LinkedIn and traffic comes to the website by clicking the link in social media platform, is called social traffic. The more you have social follower the more you have Social traffic.

Direct Traffic: Traffic comes to website when users typing the website url into their browser address bar or clicking the bookmark url.

Referral Traffic: In most cases when user is coming to the Website by clicking the hyperlink on another website. We all know that SEO is a vital process and referral traffic play vital role to boost total website traffic.

Paid Traffic: It is another important traffic for website. Traffic generate When you are paying for that, is called paid Traffic. There are many sources of paid Traffic like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads etc

How Search Engine And SEO Work?

When point comes to search engines you might think that you type particular search engine website like Google bing yahoo after that type a question and search engine magically replies your answers. Yes that’s true. Search engines have magical link for that. How it is work: Google or bing has crawler or bot that visit every website every webpages on the Internet and collect the information. The index is then fed through an algorithm that match all the keywords and data with the search query.

When people write the content and put it on website aspiring for that user who appear to the website via search on google or bing. This optimization have different forms. We all know that content is the king in SEO so Quality content boost the seo ranking. It is binding with meta title, meta description, title tag, proper keyword placement , internal link, image optimization, image alt tag placement, website speed optimization etc

Keywords research, XML sitemap and the presence of robots.txt file have also important parameter in on-page SEO optimization, play pivotal role in seo and in another word on-page is a skeleton of website SEO. Apart from on-page optimization off-page have a stupendous role in SEO. You need to know about the link to anchor text redirection, how to use no follow and do follow link, link building, guest blogging, forum and so on.
Apart from on-page and off-page optimization local seo, conversation rate optimization (CRO), global with international seo have also crucial role.

Algorithm Change in SEO: The major search engine like Google Bing change algorithm frequently and SEO Strategy evolve in response to those changes. It is difficult to determine the exact strategy for SEO. If someone is offering seo advice for that it is not totally right for that. Regular updating website is the best strategy for SEO.

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